workin’ girl.

i currently tote my laptop in one of my favourite chinese mall finds: a chocolate brown sparkly canvas tote bag. obviously.

if i were, however, looking for an upgrade i’d be looking no further.

fine, it’s fake chanel (some line called obey). but it’s also like $60. and you can get it at karmaloop with the following promo codes.

MO9333 = 20% off MS29093 = 20% off KH28064 = 20% off JK28278 = 20% off

2 thoughts on “workin’ girl.”

  1. aurora says:

    Obey is designed by this amazing artist Shepard Fairey.
    He's tribute piece to Obama not only became an official promotional image but a huge part of history. His publicist actually works in the White House now – true story.

    Anyways, Shepard lives down the street from me & is a very good friend of my husband's. It's sad to see this is the product of his energy these days.

    That purse actually looks pleather, no?
    It reminds me of a crappy version of that oversized bag that was at the Chanel Mobile Art Exhibit.

    Here's the Shepard image, in case you don't know what I'm talking about:

  2. iamlaura says:

    FYI you can buy Obey at Bungalow in Kensington.

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