there was a time not long ago when brasandranties would seldom be found without the bolstering of a bra (save for the sport and spoils of bed). blessed early in life with a larger set of ladies, we spent half our adolescence in concerted attempt to reign those puppies in (until we discovered the power of cleavage, of course). but the thought of the girls unleashed in all their glory? we just couldn’t do it.

over the years we’ve come to find a comfortable appreciation for choosing to let loose, and have thus acquired a collection of fabrics, shapes, and cuts that seem made to go au natural. dresses made bulky with underthings. enough sheer layers to trick an eye. the feeling of draped silk en-nip. sans is increasingly becoming the preferred way. we highly recommend it (though do expect some chest-talking, and a few squeals of glee whilst hugging).
in this instance, backless demands braless (unless you plan for unsuccessful creative attempts with a bandeau – it ruins the effect) so the front of the dress is just as important. this puppy has a (very hard to see) black ruffle all round the dress: providing coverage where necessaire at the front as well as a little flounce in the rear. guaranteed to put a little extra bounce in your, uh, step.
black ruffle scoop dress (it has thumbholes, whee!): one teaspoon (holts)
thick knit lace sockettes: legs beautiful
ponyhair wedge boots: max azria
ruched bucked bag: jenny bird
drop chain earrings: purchased off of the ears of a clothing show vendor
photographer’s note: self-portrait skills currently lacking (and very good thing we were wearing underwear)

4 thoughts on “worn.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    if i had your boobs id walk around topless.

    ps the red hair is turing strawberry blond!

  2. Anonymous says:

    You shouldn't just talk about the front, when 'it is just as important.'
    Let's see…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Would love to see Boobyball pics of "Worn".

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