turns out bras and ranties was wrong when we insisted that american apparel had reached a whole new level of random with the return of the scrunchie.

and yet.

as reported by new york mag, aa will debut the assless tight in august, just in time for fall. hey man, it’s still pretty hot in august. can’t blame a girl for wanting a breeze.

in truth, i’m quite perplexed as to the functional benefit of this particular item, beyond the satisfaction of your boyfriend’s naughty nylon fetish. have we gone there? i suppose it’s whatever floats your boat, but you’d best be ready to defend your choices, as the mini remains en-vogue for f/w 09.

an addendum. perhaps it is so as to not flatten the ass? gotta flaunt the jelly if you’ve got it. it’s the only thing that makes sense, dammit!

One thought on “wow.”

  1. ~Dickie says:

    Newts – Given my belief in establishing opinions through empirical evidence, I have added to my list of goals for 2009/2010 to have an encounter with a girl that's wearing a pair of these.

    I will report back on whether I found it sexy, thought it was kind of silly, or just giggled hysterically. I imagine it will be a combination of the three.

    If anyone's looking for me come September, I'll either be in the basement bar at the Drake or at Wrongbar.

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