you’re going the wrong way

easy street presents itself a rather tantalizing option for lifetime travel – paved shoulders glimmering with the bliss of ignorance. built to blind lest your mind wander, ponder where you’ve found yourself.

it may be work; paths lined with willows weeping dollar bills, your pockets just big enough to inspire the re-creation of dreams. an aspirational rearrangement in accordance with the plan. the ladder suddenly a steadier climb than the heroic jumps of the dream chaser.
it could be him; clicks of comfort whispering what sounds enough like love. situations commanding, the wedding-washed demanding. somehow convinced, quieting the inkling that perhaps the person’s presence is never, will never be large enough to fill the void of what they’re not. no fire to stoke in the first place.
it very well may be life; bumping bodies as you breast-stroke the channel of mediocrity, gaining leads where you might, yet never enough to break away. presuming upon a change agent to squat in waiting, to trip you up across your tread. as if the magic of possibility was to seek us out, it’s responsibility a direct proposition.
easy street is a path purposeful in its most fundamental appeal: a lack of difficulty. a lack of challenge. to consider it is human, all the moreso after a tough run at things. but it’s a useless option. it’s our responsibility to avoid this fate, to seek out the shit that challenges us, forces stretch leaps risks tumbles. to run from easy street, frightened of the place it might spit us out. to simply deem it the inexcusable path for pussies. we mean, really.
if you’re holding yourself back, get out of the way. if you’re scared of change, get ready to kiss its ass. life’s gifts are directly proportional to life’s chaos: the more you live, the more you live. see you out there.

3 thoughts on “you’re going the wrong way”

  1. Anonymous says:

    you've just figured this out now?

  2. xobolaji says:

    as per usual…well said.

  3. ~Dickie. says:

    this is poetry.

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